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Alkaline Dropping Debut Album ‘Next Level Unlocked’ This Month

Alkaline raised a few eyebrows when he released his latest single “City” where he took a few shots at Popcaana and Alkaline. The dancehall hitmaker may have a lot more […]

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Alkaline – Conquer The World [New Music]

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Dancehall star Alkaline feels like he can “Conquer The World.” produced by DJ Frass Records/Zojak Worldwide Distributions.

Wi meck it passed a likkle drama
When dem a hackle up dem self wi keep it calmer
Feel like mi can conquer the world now
Feel like mi can conquer the convos

Whole heap a dem mi sell out and turn informer
Man deh yah still, weh dem think mi would a gone?
Feel like mi can conquer the world now

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Alkaline may Feature Vybz Kartel On His New Single

alkaline-2016-pic-480x330[1]A member of the “vendettaclan” just confirmed that Alkaline is still undertaking his set plans concerning his “2016 Campaign” and as one of the plans , the international dancehall artiste is to initiate the move of collaborating with Vybz Kartel track on a new song.
According to the reliable source, Alkaline will unleash the song using an animated music video of himself and Kartel. The dancehall world cant wait to hear this as every manjack is highly aware of the Alkaline-Kartel for some years now.

Earlan Bartley recently unleashed the first single off his upcoming much envisioned “newlevelunlocked” debut album. The album will soon be out for purchasing he announced earlier.
According to the source, He will soon unveil the tune with Kartel to the general populace.