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Gully Bop Seeking New Manager To Invest In His Career

Gully-Bop-US-Tour1[1]Gully Bop is looking to amp up his career but he needs a new manager to invest time and resources to help him reach the next level.

Bop shot to dancehall stardom over a year ago thanks to a viral video, but he has been seeing his popularity dwindling in recent months, an issue that he is blaming on a lack of management.

Gully Bop and Shauna Chin Rekindles Relationship, Engagement Back On

The deejay says that Carl Durrant is currently not his manager, but more of a booking and PR agent. Shauna Chin has also been busy doing her own thing since their fallout in January.

“A PR rep different from a manager, I don’t really have a manager,” Gully Bop said about Carl Durrant. “If you do bookings for me and you do PR work for me then you is not my manager. I just want a big top manager you understand.”

Gully Bop also said that from his rise to dancehall stardom he has never really has a manager.

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Mavado Former Manager Says He Is An Informer, Send Cops To Cassava Piece

Is Mavado a snitch?

Mavado’s and former manager Julian Jones-Griffith is calling the singjay an informer. The two parted ways some time ago but last week things got heated between them on social media with Vado releasing Jones-Griffith personal phone number on Instagram saying that he owes promoters money.

According to a post made by Jones-Griffith, Mavado once sent cops to raid a house in Cassava Piece to search for guns.

“You do anything to get where you want to go,” he said about the Gully Gad. “Me see you send police to Cassava Piece and tell them gun in certain house and let them lock up Corpa.”

It will be interesting to learn who is Corpa.


Julian Jones-Griffith also accused Mavado of taking US$25,000 from Drake to build a library in Cassava Piece but that project never happen and he never returned the money.

These are all damning allegations against the Gully Gad.

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Gully Bop changes manager again

gully-bop-ft-m-gee-delilah-shaun-660x330[1]Deejay, Gully Bop and his manager, Karl Durrant are today at odds over whether Durrant still holds the above position.

The news follows a revelation made by Bops’ ex-fiancé, Shauna Chin who told the STAR that the entertainer was no longer being managed by Durrant. Chin was being interviewed by the STAR after news surfaced that she and Bop were headed for a re-union.

However, while answering questions regarding her and Bop’s apparent ‘makeup’ Chin let it slip that Bop and Durrant’s work relationship was on the rocks.

“He and Karl Durrant had a falling out and so I’m helping him to get a new manager so he can get back on his feet,” she said.

“Bop and I are not getting back together but I still care about him and want to see things work out for the best for him so I’m helping him out with some things.”

She went on to say that she will not be taking up the job as Bop’s new manager as she doesn’t want to complicate things between the two.

When questioned on the issue at hand, Bop did not get into details. He stated instead that whatever Chin said was the truth. “I am not signed to anyone innu so whatever Chin say a so it go,” he said.

When the STAR contacted Durrant however, he seemed unaware of the recent developments.

“I spoke to Bop this morning and he didn’t say anything to me about that,” he said while explaining that Bop was not officially signed to him as an artiste.

“I have 14 artistes that I officially represent. I did not sign Bop. He asked me to help him out when the whole Chin/padlock saga went down and I agreed. Right now, I’m no longer representing him in any way as far as business is concerned. I have nothing against him and wish him all the best in the future,” he added.

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MAVADO at War With Former Manager ‘Julian Jones-Griffith’ – MUST READ

Mavado-and-Julian-jones-Griffith[1]Dancehall sing-jay Mavado has blasted his former manager Julian Jones -Griffith via social media.

Mavado through his official Instagram page is accusing Julian of theft, claiming he owes money to promoters for stage shows.

Mavado who has since deleted the post, claims his lawyer is searching for Julian.

However, Julian has shot back asking Mavado about the 25 thousand US dollars he received from rapper Drake to build a library in Cassava Piece that was never built.

“It’s past due for my promoters to get back their money now how you say you a money man and for over two years you have the people them money that you take for shows that I have no idea about,” Mavado wrote on his Instagram page.



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