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Chris Brown To Release a Documentary called “Welcome To My Life”

chris-brown-manila-pic-521x330[1]Chris Brown will be the subject of his own upcoming documentary. The story will focus on how he “went from being America’s sweetheart to public enemy number one.”
Chris Brown is one of the most important figures in contemporary R&B, and his skills have also earned him an indelible place in the worlds of pop as well as hip-hop. His reputation, however, has always been marred because of certain troubling extracurricular incidents, most notably his 2009 assault of then-girlfriend Rihanna. Since that incident, he’s been a frequent subject of unsavory media headlines, often to an extent that impedes upon the message he seeks to promote with his music. Yesterday, Brown announced that he’ll be telling his life story through a different medium, with an upcoming documentary titled “Welcome to My Life.”

Brown hasn’t shared many details on the documentary, though, along with the title, the film’s poster reads, “He went from being America’s sweetheart to public enemy number one,” so one can expect he will address the more controversial aspects of his life story. The film is directed by Andrew Sandler and produced by Riveting Entertainment.

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Upcoming artiste IQ Set To Release Video for “Carry On”

Fast rising reggae/dancehall artiste IQ is revelling in the success of his latest song Carry On. The song has been getting such a good response worldwide, the artiste has decided to do the accompanying video for his growing fan base. The video was directed and shot by Tripledose Visuals, and this marks the first official …

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RDX keeps us moving with ‘Up The Place’ track… To release ‘ 2FloorsUp’ EP

RDX-2016-531x330[1]The Dancehall Shella Bosses, RDX, have released a brand new single that has already turned heads and is generating positive international attention.
The single ‘Up The Place’ produced by the duo’s own label, Apartment 19 Music, is dubbed as a song from a new genre called “Aerobix Dancehall Music”; a high energy mix of dancehall and EDM/house music beats.

Written by the Apartment 19 team, the Shella Posse, ‘Up The Place’ is inspired by the international success of the RDX single “Lose Yourself” with Major Lazer. The 2014 mega hit ‘Lose Yourself’ opened up new markets to the dancehall stars and currently has close to thirty million views on YouTube.

RDX sees the fast paced sound in ‘Up The Place’ as them returning to their roots, undiluted high energy dancehall fusion.

“Recently we diversified the RDX brand BY adding slower, message driven singles like “Linky”, “VSOP” & “Nuh Badda Than Massa God” to our catalog. This song ‘Up The Place’ though has us going back to the roots of what made RDX the internationally renowned stars we are, complete undiluted energy!” Renigade explained

With the Dancehall sound booming internationally right now, “Sorry” by Justin Beiber & “Work” by Rihanna are examples of this trend, the timing is right for a Jamaican Dancehall act to showcase their own sound to the international audience.

“It seems as if a lot of Jamaica’s Dancehall releases are going the opposite direction. RDX is looking at the big picture and stepping up to the plate, representing for the dancehall sound that so many overseas acts are following” Delomar chimed in.

With this year already off to a great start, RDX is confident that their upcoming releases will continue the upward trajectory of their career.

“”While some others using their time on controversy we been in the studio preparing mad music for 2016. Controversy gets you attention, music get you a Platinum plaque.” Delomar added

Plans are already afoot for the visuals for the ‘Up The Place’ Single with a treatment the duo describes as ‘#Epic’. The track is distributed by Hapilos Digital Distribution and is already number 7 on the Hapilos top 10 sales chart since its February 26 release.

The new RDX EP ‘ 2FloorsUp’ is set for a summer 2016 release. RDX is also preparing for a US College Tour this spring.